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Bittrex btc usd api

bittrex btc usd api

Trade market - allows you to create/cancel market buy/sell orders. Log( data Supported v2 API methods Little is known about the v2 api at present. Getbtcprice : Gets the Bittrex BTC Price in USD. Log(data Example of Bittrex API error tcandles( marketName: 'usdt-BTC tickInterval: 300, function(data, err) if (err) success: false, message: 'invalid_tick_interval result: null return ror(err console. Options( websockets: onConnect: function console. The npm package name has changed because we could not get access to the npmjs repository to keep it updated. It may happen that some Bittrex API methods are missing, also they could have been forgotten in the documentation. Log(data Example of request/url based errors (not Bittrex API error) var url ndCustomRequest( url, function( data, err ) if (err) success: false, message: 'URL request error error: undefined, result: statusCode: 404, statusMessage: 'Not Found body: '!doctype html rn html .' return ror(err console.

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Response : message : success : true, result : /array / Market object BaseCurrency : "bitcny BaseCurrencyLong : "BitCNY Created : "T06:31:40.653 IsActive : true, IsSponsored : null, LogoUrl : null, MarketCurrency : "BTC MarketCurrencyLong : "Bitcoin MarketName : "bitcny-BTC MinTradeSize : 1e-8, Notice. Non-USD currency data converted using hourly conversion bitcoinin reaaliaikainen kaavioita rate from openexchangerates. Log(message / the messages received must be parsed as json first.g. . Response : success : true, message : result : bpi : /? GetTicks Gets the candles for a market. Log( data getdeposithistory tdeposithistory( currency : 'BTC', function( data, err ) console. Bittrex-bill: yes, that's it! Private API GetOrderHistory Gets the full order history of the user. Quick start npm install node-bittrex-api var bittrex require node-bittrex-api bittrex. Json - you will find an example file in tests/config_example. Getcandles tcandles( marketName: 'usdt-BTC tickInterval: 'fiveMin / intervals are keywords, function( data, err ) console. To build your candle data, order book and market history, etc.